Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring 2010

N continues to do so well. He is growing so quickly - sometimes as much as an inch in only a month's time. He'll be 14 next month - three years since he got sick. His spirits are high and many of the issues that we've dealt with in the past are only in the background now. He has an occasional bad day, but I see him dealing with his stress and anxiety in mostly appropriate ways. Hopefully we can help him to cement good stress-dealing habits and prepare him for leaving home at some point in the future.

J (12), on the other hand, continues to struggle. It hasn't gotten worse -- and it definitely isn't anorexia, but he is acting similarly (psychologically) in a lot of ways. He has so much anxiety. When he seems to be struggling most, I make sure to feed him well. I increase the fat and protein content in his meals. I don't know if it makes a difference, but it did for his older brother. My gut tells me that it also makes a difference for J.

It's an interesting correlation that raises a lot of questions in my head.


The Mom said...

I was thinking about you and your son yesterday, wondering how things were going. I am glad N is doing better, and I hope things work out with J.

Wendy said...

Thanks for your wishes and concern. It HAD been a long time since I wrote a post. But that's always a good sign I hope.

Erica said...

Glad you posted an update, Wendy! I have been thinking about you and your boys as well. Our d is also doing well, she will turn 13 next month and is eating and growing. She has been on anti-anxiety meds for about two years now, and many of her general worries have disappeared. She will always be a worrier, but she is dealing much better with how she manages her anxiety. We are going to attempt to taper her off the drug starting next month, at her request. She wants to be done with the whole ED thing! I, on the other hand, would be happy if she stayed on the drug forever, since she is in such a good space and I would hate for things to change. We will see how it goes!

Wendy said...

Erica - I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is doing so well. I'm with you on keeping her on the drugs forever. :o) No need to change the status quo, right? Good luck. I hope that everything stays great.