Friday, February 18, 2011

Doing Well

I realize that I have a tendency to post when things are going bad.  So, today I wanted to post because N is doing so well. 

He is back on top of his school work.  Missing assignments are still an ongoing issue, but we've found some solutions.  It was worth all the energy and worry because his spirits are back up.  He joined the 9th grade choir at the term break.  He is gaining some confidence with his singing and is enjoying singing and playing his guitar even more - especially since we canceled his guitar lessons.  It seems to be a healthy outlet for expressing his feelings and frustrations. 

Soon he'll be registering for 10th grade which also means a transfer to our local high school.  We declined a position with a university study abroad program to London in order to make sure that N could make the transition to the high school this fall with his peers.  His classes are definitely getting harder, but I feel like we've passed all the terribleness of junior high life.  He is starting to make more friends and seems generally more comfortable.  He will have a health class next year and is also required to take a "fitness for life" course during his high school studies.  I'm trying to determine how to best deal with those two classes.

N will head out on two different camping trips this summer.  I worry a lot less than I used to about his participation.  One of these planned camping trips, however, is a re-enactment of the Mormon Pioneer handcart trek.  A blessing is that I've also been asked to participate.  We'll be pulling handcarts across Wyoming on the actual Mormon Trail.   I'm thankful for my participation because I've already been able to warn leaders about potential problems in restricting food (in an effort to help the youth see how low the rations got - 1/4 c. of flour each day).  I'm already trying to brainstorm ways to help N have calories available without drawing too much attention to his being an exception to the regular food distribution. 

He is such a good kid and I love him very much!

By the way, I modified this post on wrestling today.  We're so glad that N didn't stick with wrestling!  It would have been a huge mistake.

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Erica said...

What a great post! So glad to here that your son is doing so well! My d starts high school next year, I can't really believe it. We are still slogging through middle school, and d is still battling depression, but generally she is doing well. I really hope that things even out for her in high school.

Your trip on the Mormon trail sounds wonderful (and hard!). I hope you both have a great time. My d is going white water rafting this april with her school for 5 day -- she is excited, and I know she will have a great time, but boy do I wish I could go along!