Friday, June 17, 2011


After my last post - and realizing that N was struggling again - we upped our vigilance and his eating.  As usual, the response was almost immediate.  He is doing much better. 

N finished his 9th grade school year earlier this month.  I'm glad that we made it through another school year, but his last month was pretty crazy.  Sometimes I think that N, in an effort to never feel uncomfortable (not sure if it is the anxiety or ocd), spends most of the school year in avoidance.  By the end of this past term, he was sinking.  In order to help him pass his classes, we had two weeks of late nights and much frustration on my part.  I'm glad for the summer so we can all take a breath before we dive in again.

He's already been out on his yearly church high adventure camp.  It was a good experience for both of us.  He has been on multiples successful campouts, without any food issues.  So, I missed him, but knew he'd be okay.  I send him with oodles of food and knew that, if needed, we could help him recover from any deficiencies once he got home.  Now we just have the hard camping trip (Trek) left to go.

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