Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Biking and Cross Fit and Basketball?

In my last post, I mentioned my worries of N moving to an area where he bikes all day and the impact that would have on his calorie needs.  He has since told us that he his Zone Leaders (two missionaries just like himself) have added a daily unifying activity where the zone gets together and does cross fit.  Add that to their already weekly activity of playing basketball and my mom-worry-monitor is starting to beep.

I can see from his pictures that he has lost some weight.  I keep checking in, asking about his feelings of wanting to restrict.  He assures me that he is fine and is compensating calorically.  I know that his Mission President is aware of his medical needs, but of course these other missionary leaders are not - and we prefer it that way (too much chance for misunderstanding).  If things get bad enough, though, he can mention to these young missionary leaders that he can't lose weight due to a medical condition. That might raise some eyebrows, but would be an adequate reason for him to not participate.

The good news is that change is inevitable on a mission.  Transfers are coming the last week of February and the biggest exerciser of the bunch will be heading home.  I just mailed N a bulk box of Carnation Instant Breakfast.  I know he'll use that when he is in a hurry and might not otherwise eat.  It's a good high calorie and protein addition to his diet.  (When he was really sick, I used to add cream to it instead of milk)

Hopefully there won't be too much damage done by the end of this month.  I know there is a fine line where symptoms might start to ramp up and it becomes much more difficult for N to manage living independently.  Traditionally missionaries gain weight in this area.  So hopefully some weight recovery is in store.  Until then, I might be worrying a bit.

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