Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Break-Up

It was inevitable, I suppose.  N experienced his first heart break as he ended an eight-month relationship.  I was worried about how he would do in terms of depression and potential weight-loss and return of OCD behaviors, but he's done okay.  He felt peace about his decision and though there has been a lot of sadness, his depression hasn't gotten too bad.

The one concern I do have is that he labeled himself as broken and described himself as a burden to anyone who might have a relationship with him.  I remember mulling over similar sentiments long ago myself, so I hope it's just a stage in the break up.

He also has been very flat.  I know that happens a bit with the medicine (that's what he blames).  It's making it hard for him to feel deeply.  He's at the end of the semester and there's a lot to be done.  He's busy, sad, and frustrated.   He'll be moving home for the summer to save money while working.  I hope that gives him a chance to recover and refocus.

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