Tuesday, May 27, 2008


You might have detected from some of my earlier posts that we are a Christian family. I don't talk about it tons since this is not really a blog about religion, but religion is a big part of our life and N's life. So please indulge me for a minute. It's been an important week for our family religiously.

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I believe in the bible. I also believe that because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice and because of the power of the priesthood, that our family can be a family together after death. I love my family. The idea that we can be together always is one of my favorite teachings of our church. There is a lot of confusion in the world about what our church believes and what it doesn't believe -- a lot of what is assumed and reported is completely wrong. So please feel free to ask any questions that you might have (or you can read more here). I'm happy to clear things up and won't be offended if you're confused.

Anyway, upon turning 12 years old and because he was worthy, N was able to receive the priesthood and be ordained as a Deacon this past week. This means he'll be involved in passing the bread and water of the sacrament to the other members of the congregation. He will also collect fast offerings (this money goes to feed struggling families). Our extended family traveled to attend church with us on Sunday. They were there when N was ordained. It was such a nice day and a special experience. I can see a difference in N since then. It's been a good thing for him.

He has also started attending our church youth group. I'm pleased that he is able to interact with such a good group of kids (both girls and boys). These kids are good examples of choosing the right and being kind to others. I know that N already looks up to many of them. I think that they will serve as important mentors in N's life.

With these changes, come some new challenges, though. He'll be going on a week-long camp out this summer. We're already making special arrangements for him through his church leaders. I'm also watching carefully for any additional stress or pressure.

These events have made a subtle difference in the anorexia. N continues to progress and is often eating without having to ask us for permission. I've had several people comment recently on how much happier N seems. I agree. He has his color back. He is full of energy, enthusiasm and happiness. It is such a contrast to his demeanor last November.

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