Sunday, September 14, 2008


I weighed N yesterday. He is a little over 112 lbs. Overall, we haven't seen the anorexia for a while now. I did find out that N was skipping lunch on his P.E. days. I nipped that right away. He said he was concerned that eating lunch would make him sick in P.E. if he played hard (he has P.E. right after lunch). It doesn't seem like he lost any weight because of it. But he was ravenous as he walked in the door from school. In fact, he was a little irrational and cranky as he inhaled all the food in our house -- it's what made me ask if he'd eaten lunch.

He broke his wrist two weeks ago. He tripped while running in the halls at school. He has a compression fracture. He was cleared for soccer, but not a lot of P.E. activities (like volleyball and basketball). I'm okay with that. We're easing into his exercise slowly. His wrist reduces the amount of exercise he gets each day. I think that's better overall. They didn't put a cast on his arm, but he has to wear a splint (wrist guard) 24/7 for a month.


emmy. said...

i somehow haven't come across your blog until today, and i'm so glad i did. there aren't enough people writing about eating disorders in boys and men, which only keeps it as more of taboo subject; it's unfortunate when eating disorders are taboo enough as it is.

i'm glad to hear that things have been going so well with your son. i look forward to catching up on your story and hearing more about his recovery.

thank you.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much!