Tuesday, September 23, 2008


N weighed 113 lbs with his clothes on last Sunday. I let him see his weight. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing -- but I thought he might be ready.

We've been talking to him specifically about his OCD stuff. He tells me that things are better. So, what is better? He said that instead of having 50 different OCD things, he now only has 4 or 5. One of remaining OCD things is the way he walks to school -- always stepping onto the north side of the driveway (I'm not sure all the intricacies involved). But I said, "Cut across the grass!" He hesitated, smiled, and trotted across the lawn. I can tell that he is winning more of those battles.

He attended his first junior high dance last week. He was particularly picky that morning -- I worried that it was anorexia, but maybe it's just normal 7th grade anxiety. He didn't dance with any girls -- said he almost got the nerve, but then the dance ended. He also attended a football game with dad and some neighbors. He told me that he "felt anorexic." I pried, "what does that mean?" He responded that he felt fat and very self-conscious. We talked about how every other 7th grader in the world probably feels similarly. But then he clarified that it made him ALMOST not have a snack. There's the danger - the restricting. But he was okay. Good deal.

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