Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I got ahead of myself last month with all the great progress that N made. The anorexia/ocd stuff was impacting his/our lives very little. Since my last post, N has continued struggling. It's not anything like the struggles of six months ago. It's constant yet manageable. He is looking in the mirror more, obsessing about his outfits each morning, and debating in his head about anything that he eats.

I took him shopping yesterday for new church pants. I'd like to tell the marketing person that came up with the term, "husky," a thing or two about how that term ruined my Saturday. The size 14 AND 16 waists were too snug. Size 18s were too long. So, that left us with the "husky" sized pants. In my opinion they should call the three waist sizes, way-too skinny, too skinny, and regular, instead of slim, regular and husky. N's weight is great, but to associate the word, husky, with his current shape was devastating. If only I could have pre-bought the pants and cut out the tags. I had no idea what size he was, but that's what I'll do next time!

All throughout N's recovery, he has always taken a few steps forward and then a few back - always gaining some on those steps forward and never quite declining all the way back with the steps back. I guess I thought that he had made enough progress to no longer have those steps back. At least now I understand that continual progress means he'll do even better in the future and likely won't ever be this bad again.

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