Wednesday, October 29, 2008


N went camping last Friday night. He has done so well that I didn't reiterate any concerns with his leaders. I think we're to the point that we may need to manage things from home now. I sent him with a good dinner and some candy bars to supplement, if needed. I think dinner was fine. For breakfast, however, they fed the boys donuts, soda, and Doritos. For lunch he had a Slurpee. He came home starving, but candy-bars in hand that he hadn't eaten because he was so sweetened-out. I guess I need to find some portable, dense-calorie foods that he can eat in a situation like that. Any suggestions? I sent an apple, but I think even the idea of eating it was too sweet.


Carrie Arnold said...

How about nuts? They're portable, they don't spoil, and they do counter the sweetness. And the variety is amazing.

Wendy said...

Nuts are a great idea. And he loves them! Thanks.
- Wendy

kb said...

Just want to jump on here.
Although they may taste a bit like candy-bars, Clif bars aren't quite as sweet and they generally have both more calories AND more nutrients (protein and whatnot). Finally, I frequently take string cheese camping/hiking, unless it's REALLY hot.
- Kristina

Wendy said...

Thanks for the ideas. Clif bars are worth trying. Unfortunately he hates cheese. I love it - I can't believe we're related. :o)