Thursday, January 15, 2009

Check Up

N and T met with Dr. R. last night. It was a positive visit and in fact, they didn't even stay for the whole hour because "they ran out of things to talk about." Our next appointment isn't for another four months. The topic of discussion was long term recovery.

N just started a new term at school. He has been significantly more self-conscious (even to the point of calling himself "fat") because of new kids, expectations and teachers. I think some of the anorexic feelings have increased because of the change, but I also see N dealing with it better than he has previously. Hopefully, each time he experiences change, he'll get even better at dealing with it - until it's just not an issue anymore. Dr. R told him to address the self-consciousness and any OCD stuff before it ever became about eating.

N also made an interesting confession. He said that he eats in order to avoid his homework. Wow. I'm pleased that N is honest about his motives. So they also talked about avoidance (everyone does it) and to stop and really find out why he doesn't want to do his homework. At some level I don't know how much these things really have to do with the anorexia -- but it was good for him to discuss them.

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