Thursday, January 29, 2009


N is still struggling with the term change. I've had to take back control over his breakfasts. He was either restricting or just not taking care of himself. I'm certain that he is still growing like crazy, but his weight has been static for two months now. Either way, I'm seeing his self-consciousness (and temper) increase.

I'm also seeing increased concern with exercise or wanting to have a sport. He's decided that he wants to run track. Boy -- that's a potential problem. Do I let him try and watch him carefully? The boys at this age are so defined by what sport they participate in. I get that N feels like a "nerd" because he doesn't do sports. Is it possible for a boy who has anorexia to do a sport at a reasonable level?

We've got a winter campout coming up. N is resisting anything "puffy." We've told him that if he won't wear the appropriate equipment, including coat, snowpants and boots, that he can't go. I find myself just wanting to keep him home and protect him from the weather and the other boys. Boys at this age are so mean to each other.

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Lisa L. said...

Definitely let him try a sport... long term I think it will be a good lifestyle habit. Just watch carefully. These are some tough years coming up no matter what.

Lisa L.