Thursday, February 19, 2009


N started guitar lessons today. Hopefully they serve as an outlet for both achievement and relaxation.

N had a really good two weeks. I relaxed and let him choose his foods again for those weeks. But he's been off the past few days again. A friend told him that his arms were chubby. He struggled to pick a shirt the other day. He hasn't been eating very well. He hid his toast one morning (I think he didn't like it -- not necessarily restricting, but deceptive none the less). He's also been more moody. All are clues that I need to be more diligent. So, I've reinstituted the "magic plate" for breakfast and dinner. I'm checking more carefully that he's actually eating lunch. After a couple of days of increased attention on my part, I can already tell that he is doing better. I've got to watch carefully for those dips. They don't happen so often anymore which is wonderful. But this one went on for too long before I picked up on the clues. I can't let that happen.


Erica said...

Hi Wendy,
Vigilance is my watch word as well these days. D is doing so much better, but any time she gets stressed out Mr. Ed rears his head. Glad to hear that your son is taking guitar lessons and I hope he enjoys them! My d is really into art and I have told her that when she feels stressed (especially on weekends when our days are less structured)she can spend time with her art and just relax. It seems to help.

Wendy said...

Thanks Erica. I think guitar and art are much more productive than sports for these kids right now. I'm not sure he'll be convinced -- but hopefully over time it should be just as rewarding.