Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time Travel

N is struggling a bit again. He's probably growing. The last five or six days of school, he's been late. His friends have stopped waiting for him, which is so sad because they really are part of the motivation some mornings. But he was making them late repeatedly. I can see why they would be frustrated. This morning was like a throw back to last year. He even was angry and lashing out.

School is almost over. Most of his teachers have already stopped requiring "regular" work and are instead working towards end-of-year-testing, which actually might be stressing him out. We continue to utilize the magic plate at all of his meals. I may need to magic-plate his snack in order to force some more calories. If we can survive the next two or three weeks, then we'll have the whole summer to address his growing caloric needs at home.

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Wendy said...

Erica - Glad to hear that your daughter is still doing well. Thanks for your supportive comments as always!