Monday, December 21, 2009

Supersize Me!

Just found out that N was shown "Supersize Me" in his Foods class. I'm dumbfounded. I just can't believe it. How did this get past me, his teacher and/or N? Not sure what to do with this information. N seems fine about it -- but is he really?


Katie said...

maybe you should talk to the teacher, to let them know that you're not happy with this so they don't make similar mistakes in the future.
also, talk to N about it in a non-threatening way. you need to know how this impacted him, because it probably did..there was a thing about the guy using a vegan diet to lose the weight as well.

best of luck with whatever you do,

Katie said...

maybe you should talk to his teacher, to let him know you were unhappy with this so similar mistakes were not made in the future.
personally, i think foods is a danger zone altogether. i did foods when i had an eating disorder, and it just fueled it.
also talk to N, in a non-threatening way about it, encouraging him to be honest about how it affected him, because it probably did.
there was also a thing at the end about how the guy used a vegan diet to lose the weight..

best of luck, with whatever you do,

Erica said...

Wow. That was the movie that started us down the rabbit hole...