Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Like I mentioned before, we scheduled a visit with N's therapist once we knew he was struggling again.  At the point that we finally got in, N was doing significantly better.  The visit was productive and we got some suggestions for helping him deal with stress, responding to threats of suicide, and managing his depression.  The doctor suggested meds again, which we are still reluctant to use because of the increased suicide risk for some kids. 

N has cycled back into a low - but not as low as before.  We are managing things better with him and the reminders from his doctor seem to help.  Food is really not ever an issue for him anymore.  But there must be lingering damage from damage done when he was malnourished or simply from something that harmed his brain.  He is often depressed.  We need to set up another appointment.

It's interesting to me that he is choosing friends that are also dealing with depression.  2 out of 2 is pretty consistent statistics.  I think they relate to each other well, but they can also enable each other. 


Erica said...

When my d was very depressed (before we put her on Prozac) she distanced herself from most of her friends except those who were also depressed and suicidal. One 'friend' taught her to cut herself and that was the final straw for my husband and me. We acted aggressively -- intensive therapy twice a week and medications -- and now she has severed her relationships with the toxic people and is back with her old group of friends. Keep your eye on your son during this difficult time -- also having a really good therapist helped immensely! Thinking of you!!!

Wendy said...

Thanks Erica. As always I love that you are there and care!