Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mission Call

N received his mission call last week.  He'll be headed to South Texas (below San Antonio and all the way to the Mexico border) for the next two years.  First, though, he'll be attending an intensive language program in order to learn Spanish for 6 weeks in Mexico City. We're all so excited!

He could have been assigned any where in the world.  But South Texas is really a good call for him.  I've been researching the area extensively.  Though it will be HOT! and he will be biking a lot, the missionaries there tend to gain weight rather than loose it.  That's a huge relief for me!  I've worried about the many stories of weight-loss associated with missionary work because of the often scarce or unusual food and long walking hours.  I'm so grateful that those who assigned his call, prayerfully took into consideration his past medical history.  His supervisor (President) will be aware of N's past medical history with anorexia.  He and his wife will regularly assess N's health and needs.  He'll also have another missionary (his "companion") with him at all times.  It's a good fit.

Not quite half of his mission area shares a border with Mexico (along the Rio Grande).  So, he'll get to eat great Mexican food (which he already loves).  He's also excited to learn Spanish.  He took three years of German, so it's a bit of a switch.  My husband speaks Spanish fluently so he is already teaching N and it seems as if N also has an aptitude for language.

I'm so grateful that we'll be able to use the US domestic mail service which is much more reliable and quick than international mail.  That means we can send him food overnight, if needed. 

There is a lot that has to happen to get him ready.   But first, we've got to get him graduated.


Erica F. (mayarimom) said...

Such a wonderful post! I know your son will have an exciting mission -- you have done it! Our daughter is away at a 4 week acting program and is having a great time. She has one more year and then college. I feel we are more than ready for this next step. It's hard to believe that just a few years ago I honestly never thought she would attend college. Hope all is well with you! -- Erica

Wendy said...

Erica - I'm so thrilled to hear about your daughter! I've wondered how you were doing.

I feel like N, being on his own for the first time, is taking his final exam. And if he passes, I think (hope) he'll be alright for his life. He left two weeks ago and so far so good. I'll update the blog soon to talk about how he is doing.

I'm so glad to hear from you.