Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mexico City

Well, he's off.

It was so hard -- harder than I thought it would be to say goodbye for two years.  We'll get weekly letters and/or emails.  We get to Skype with him on Mother's Day and Christmas.  No phone calls or visits.  That all helps him to not be so homesick and instead focus on his work (instead of what is happening at home).  We're a close family.  I'm grateful that it was hard - it means we love each other.  A lot.

I've worried for a long time (see many previous posts) about how N would do with the stress of a mission.  The doctors all cleared him for service.  They all served missions, themselves, so they know what is involved.  We've prepped him for every possible trigger that I could imagine.  We've reviewed and discussed the importance of eating well over and over and over.

N has been gone for three weeks now.  All indications are that he is doing just fine.  Right now,  he is in Mexico City undergoing intensive language training as he tries to learn Spanish.  He has a cafeteria, a set meal schedule and set activity times.  It's a good setup for him.  After six weeks, he'll transfer to the border of Texas.  Then he'll fix his own meals and set his own eating schedule.  That's where I'll worry a little more.  But, he'll always have a companion by his side.

I pray every day for him - that he'll be happy and well.  I'm proud of all of his hard work, preparation and desire to teach people about Jesus Christ, forgiveness and forever families.  I wonder how his struggles with anorexia will affect his ability to teach.  I suspect that he will be more compassionate and kind.

Today, is his preparation day - the day he gets to email home.  I'm so excited to hear from him!

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