Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Accepting and Rejecting

We've been out of town for four days, so I haven't posted. N did well with our visit with relatives. There were one or two moments when he was trying to fight me and I was trying to not make a scene. It ended well, but he and I had an intense "whisper" conversation happening in front of the family and guests.

N has had really strong OCD behaviors lately. He seems to always be substituting new things as he gets over the old ones. He told me that the anorexia pushes him to be disciplined and OCD things are one way of showing discipline. He is doing this thing right now where he turns his body as he walks. He puts his right side towards things he "accepts" and his left side towards things he "rejects." He walks into our home backwards (rejects the garbage can). He is constantly dancing everywhere we go. This is the most persistent OCD behavior yet. It affects him all day and I'm a bit concerned. We'll see his therapist tomorrow and this will be a major topic.

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