Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Progress is still very slow. But everyday N seems to do better. Sometimes I don't recognize the progress until I go back and read past posts. N is doing so much better with homework. School has stopped being the immense stress that it was just a few months ago. He will get his homework done without too many reminders. Some evenings I find myself so surprised that he is done with his work and has extra free time.

Yesterday, N had a very scary moment. I asked him to help me with his two year-old brother. As N got up off the couch, a piece of ice, on which he had been sucking, slid into his throat. He couldn't breathe and walked towards me looking so frightened as he tried to get a breath. I was surprised to find that I stayed very calm. He knew what I needed to do, but I talked him through the procedures of the Heimlich maneuver. It took about five tries before he expelled the ice. He cried hard when I hugged him afterwards. I'm so grateful for having learned that procedure clear back in high school. I've had to use it on two of my children in the past several months.


Erica said...

The same thing happened to me as a kid...so scary! I never sucked on ice again!

Glad N is ok and doing better!

Wendy said...

Thanks Erica,

I've been watching carefully to make sure he didn't develop an adversion to swallowing because of that incident. It seems like for a lot of kids the two go hand in hand.