Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Afternoon Snacks

N's battles with the anorexia have been more apparent recently. I've wondered if he was having a bit of a set back. But yesterday, he actually listened to his body and ate well (without any prodding) during the afternoon. He still needed me to assure him that it was "healthy" to listen to his body. He also fought with all those hungry urges for a couple hours before he ate. He wanted me to trade afternoon snacks for dinner calories, but I wouldn't do it. Perhaps this is the anorexia making another stand as N continues to progress.

Also, N has been getting to school increasingly later again. I switched our morning routine today. Instead of getting ready and then eating breakfast, we had breakfast first. N was 15 minutes early to school. If nothing else, it got him moving earlier. Hopefully, we've solved that problem.

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