Sunday, June 22, 2008

Genetic Connections

Well, we're back. It's been a fun, but tense week. N did really well overall. He said that he felt very self-conscious the whole time. He really looks up to his Aunts & Uncles and I think it was important to him that he look good to them. I had several ask (or just listen) about N's story, what we've learned and what is currently happening with him. I'm always happy to make another person aware of the realities of anorexia.

It's interesting to me that this part of our extended family has some eating/feeding issues. I sent an email ahead of our arrival, educating all the adults about things they needed to be aware of. Most of the time everyone was very sensitive. Yet, there were still some low moments. There is usually a large volume of weight/food discussion with this crowd and even with restraint some of that concern still slipped through. Even though the comments weren't specifically about dieting, they were often about eating too little or too much. They were never directed at N, but rather at his brothers or cousins. N also has a four year-old cousin with a feeding disorder. She is currently seeing an OT. Her mom is a registered dietitian. Food issues with this side of the family run pretty deep - even more than I am mentioning.

All of these familial food issues make me wonder again about the genetic connections to eating disorders.

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