Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School and Lunch

I'm tired. My two year-old is very "off" since school got out. I think he is having a hard time adjusting to the boys being around all day. I'm also feeling a bit "off" as is, I think, N. I've incorporated a bit more structure back into our meals today, which seems to be helping N. In the past, we've all just grabbed breakfast as we woke up and got on with our day. Often we ate breakfast and lunch together, but sometimes we didn't. That worked great when N didn't have anorexia.

I hadn't realized how important that N going to school each day was to help me regroup. Some days, he wasn't at school very long. But it was enough for me to get a shower. I was always more ready for the long evening stretches because I had time to catch my breath. When the kids are home all day, I don't ever get that break. It makes for long days when the anorexia is particularly strong.

N ate school lunch during almost all of last year. He would report what he had eaten and was always very honest. We would adjust his afternoon snack if he had not had enough to eat. His eating school lunch made one less meal that I had to plan or worry about. Because he got sick right as school started, I really haven't had to worry too much about his lunches. It's a big change, now, to have to think about all three meals. N is doing a lot better. I'm not having to manage his snacks, really. In fact, I mostly just check to make sure that he has had them. But, I do feel like I'm always thinking about and planning food. I think that his eating school lunch (and staying in school) was a tender mercy for me.

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