Monday, October 29, 2007

2 Pounds

We had a rough weekend. N struggled through each day as though we've never made any progress. I've been concerned that with the relaxed structure of weekend eating, N wasn't getting enough calories. So I weighed him on Sunday morning. He had lost 2 more pounds. He is now down to 80 pounds.

My effort, then, to feed him more combined with his elevated struggles made for a rough Sunday. He said he feels particularly self-concious at church (possibly intensified by the fact that he was giving a talk in primary). We spent both Saturday night and Sunday night -- probably 3 to 4 hours total -- helping him come to some peace before he slept.

T gave him a priesthood blessing. I think that was good both for T and N.

I've been trying to help N use positive talk whenever he starts to hear the negative voice of anorexia. He'll make a disparaging comment -- and then I'll encourage/help him to turn it around to a truthful/positive thought. I noticed that Gary Gahl, as I read in his book, "Skinny Boy," was able to do this as he started to really get better. I hope that N can learn to insert his positive thinking comments to fight off the guilt and lack of self-worth.

I'm thinking about buying some magnetic boards that the boys can paint tonight for FHE. I thought that maybe I could hang all the good things that we can think of about N on the board. Maybe that would help him get through some of his hard times.

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