Friday, October 19, 2007

Dr. R

On October 4, we finally met Dr. R. We really like him a lot. We've met with him three different times so far.

N's weight loss has leveled off. He still fluctuates anywhere from 81 to 84. The weight loss finally stopped once Dr. R got involved. Dr. R said that N's case is severe. However, we have duration working in our favor. Because N has only been struggling for about 4 months, habits are not deeply entrenched. Hopefully this means that recovery can be faster.

Here are some things that he has us doing:
*Do everything to help N understand his self-worth.
*I fix N's breakfast and dinner.
*3 mandatory meals and 3 mandatory snacks.
*I don't fuss over "healthy" foods -- calories and survival are key right now.
*We've worked out a reward system. Right now, if N can have 3 good days without obsessing then I will buy him a funkey.
*Emphasize eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.
*Don't let N count calories.
*Externalization - anorexia is the enemy.
*Distraction - during/after/before eating so N doesn't obsess
*Tool Box: Things to do when you feel like anorexia is getting to you (talk, pray, write, distract).

N has had two good days this week. This is huge! I think he has had a total of 4 good days since late September. However, he got a new retainer yesterday and is having a hard time eating. We talked him into a shake last night -- instead of the spaghetti. He agreed but is having a bad day today because of it. Two steps forward and one step back -- that seems to be how it always goes.

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