Monday, March 10, 2008

Almost to 90 . . .

N weighed in on Sunday at 89.3 lbs. We're so close to crossing that 90 lb threshold. Despite our doctor's contentment with 90 lbs, I'd like to see N at at least 95. He is growing so fast, so I may need to revise that based on his height this week.

N had a good weekend. The only real glitch was Sunday dinner. He flat-out refused to eat. But I made something new (that wasn't fantastic). I think his refusal was less about the anorexia and more about anxiety aimed at a new food. He went to his room, thought about it, and came right back in when I invited him. He ate, but it took a while. He voluntarily ate his evening snack on Sunday evening.

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Erica said...

Keep up the good work!