Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Pretty Good Day

I was right about N's homework being too much last night. He was in avoidance for hours yesterday afternoon. He cried and yelled and was generally upset and mad. We were having three issues simultaneously: 1) homework, 2) eating and 3) wanting to play his new video game.

N has been responding violently to his anger. He's kicked and seriously hurt his brother several times now. He'll also throw things and kick walls. Our concern has been big enough that we've banned him from any fighting or battling video games, computer games and tv until he changes the way he responds to his anger. We already limit that kind of stuff anyway. We've never allowed "M" games and only purchase occasional "T" games. We avoid all "first person shooter" games. N purchased a new game on Saturday, knowing about his current situation. He was mad yesterday because I wouldn't give in and let him play it.

After a long afternoon, he perked up in the evening. He got his homework done and spent some time on a make-up work assignment. This morning he was up early and he made it to school on time. We've had a few battles over food and some stuff (like the anger issue), that may or may not have anything to do with the anorexia, over the past few days. But overall, I feel like he has done better -- two steps forward -- this week. Is it the antibiotics?

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