Sunday, March 2, 2008

Family Strep

In the past 24 hours, 3 of us have been diagnosed with strep. This morning N's little brother was running an 104.5 degree temperature and we were quite concerned. Now, all of us are on antibiotics including N. N, actually, tested negative for strep -- though he has all of the symptoms. But thankfully, they put him on antibiotics anyway for a bad sinus infection. T never gets strep, go figure. So hopefully he stays well. Regardless, we should all get better soon.

The strep brings up some interesting questions. Has N's relapse the past few days been tied to getting sick? He confessed to me that he has been secretly weighing himself. I'm pleased that he told me, but I'm doubly concerned that some "sneakiness" has started. I'm eager to watch and see if the antibiotics (a z-pack) change anything.


carrie said...


From what I've read about the strep/AN connection (I was going to write my master's thesis on PANDAS, but ended up changing my mind), it makes perfect sense. You can definitely have asymptomatic strep infections, and I think it can cause a sinus infection as well.

Best of luck to you- and feel better!

Erica said...

maybe you can convince your doctor to keep your son on the antibiotics longer -- you may notice a change.

My d has been on low dose penicillin for a few weeks and between that and the ssri medication we are noticing a significant reduction of her ed behaviors.

Wendy said...

Hopefully we'll readdress the strep issue at our next appointment at the Children's Hospital.