Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Future Plans

N was pleased with himself for getting all his work turned in yesterday. He felt like it entitled him to a break yesterday. Having seen him fall behind quickly, I felt like that was a bad idea, but gave him the choice. Of course he pushed the homework to today. I think it might be too overwhelming tonight.

Speaking of overwhelming there have been so many decisions to make over the past few days. N wants to attend a different junior high, connected with his current elementary school. However, he wouldn't not be allowed to choose that connected high school, but instead would be required to transfer back to our own high school. We said, "no." It's a hard call, because he could use the stability of friends now. But how likely is it that he would continue to see these kids in his classes anyway? Junior high is a time when most kids have to make new friends. I feel like it would be harder to change into a different high school three years from now and have to make new friends all over again. It will probably take a deliberate plan, on our part, to help him make new friends with the new school year this fall. Plus he knows many of the kids already (even though he doesn't realize it yet) from church, sports and school.

We've also been considering a temporary situation that would take us to the UK for 6 months. It wouldn't be for several years. The whole trip would be paid for separately from T's salary. I feel like it would be a wonderful opportunity for our whole family. It is so hard to make future plans not knowing how N will be doing at that point. Will an interruption in school cause anxiety? Or might it be a needed break? Will he be so well established with friends that leaving would be hard on him? All these questions! If things are still bad, we probably would be able to back out, but they are wanting a pretty firm commitment now. All we can do is be prayerful.

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