Saturday, March 1, 2008

School Work

On a different note:
We've been working extra hard, the past few days, to get N caught up in his school work. Rather than have him stay after school, he's been spending an extra 1 1/2 hours at home. I really thought he was doing better with his school work. But even though he is extremely smart, he has terrible organization skills (both physical and mental). He doesn't turn in his assignments. This is usually because 1) they aren't done (but he won't turn it in even for partial credit -- a perfectionistic characteristic for sure), or 2) he just forgets. His backpack is a nightmare. I reguarly communicate with the teacher and I also check up on which assignments are missing.

If I didn't intervene (regularly go through his backpack with him), his grades would be even worse. I've had him stay after school to finish assignments, but his teacher says he doesn't use that time well. I've even sorted his papers for him (with posted notes and everything) and sometimes he still doesn't get them finished or turned in. I'm good with follow-through. I'll ask, "did you turn this in?" when I pick him up from school. And if not, I'll send him back into the school to turn the assignment in. Even with all of that, I'll sometimes find the assignments in his backpack a week or two with post-it notes still attached. I've even walked back into the school with him to turn things in. I'm so nervous for 7th grade (next year).

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