Friday, March 14, 2008

A Second Visit to the Children's Hospital

N had another appointment at our local children's hospital yesterday. His weight was basically the same (though my scales show an increase). The team was happy that he had even maintained. They were also extremely complimentary about the role we've play in his recovery. I was surprised to hear that there aren't any other parents taking this same active role in their child's treatment.

N was honest about his ongoing anxieties with food. They explained that it often takes a while even after a child is fully nourished to have mental healing. That is consistent with the Minnesota Starvation Study, so I knew that already. We also discussed strategies as we register N for junior high. We are having to make decisions right now about his courses for this fall. It would be nice to have a crystal ball and know that he will be recovered by then. But I don't, so we have to make our best guesses. I'm concerned about his physical education class (which he wants to take twice as an elective). I am also worried about him being late for his first class. Maybe we can schedule a less important class for that first hour. Or maybe it would be better to have a class that he is excited about at the first of the day. The social worker did recommend that we establish a relationship right now with his school counselor. I had been thinking the same thing. So, I've already put a call in this morning.

In my prayers recently, I've had the repeated thought that N needs a blessing. T already gave him a father's blessing -- that's not what I'm thinking of. I think he needs a healing blessing. So, I'm going to ask my Dad and T (both have the priesthood) if they will give him a blessing tomorrow.


Erica said...

In the Jewish tradition when someone is sick we say a Mishaberah or a healing prayer. I will say one for your son this weekend and for my daughter as well.

Wendy said...

Thanks Erica! I think all prayers are heard by God. Thank you for your faith on my son's behalf.