Tuesday, March 18, 2008


N informed me yesterday afternoon that he was hungry and asked if he should he eat. Of course! 10 minutes later he was hungry again and asked the same question. He did this all afternoon. He asked me why he was so hungry. I explained that his body needed the calories so desperately. I also explained that he was probably growing. I didn't mention that part of his extreme hunger probably was a result of him finally acknowledging that he was hungry. A huge step in my mind! Because I was sick, I slept through dinner. But T mentioned that N had been worried that he would throw up because he was so stuffed. I believe it. T also mentioned that N had fixated on the fact that he might be growing. Hopefully that doesn't backfire. It's good that he is hungry and eating, but he still needs to "blame" something for his eating. Maybe that will fade as he continues to recover.

N told me that he didn't count his calories yesterday. Two days in a row! I only saw N briefly before he left (early) to school. He was wearing a shirt that he hasn't worn for months. He has always insisted that it was too big. Hopefully, that is also a good sign.

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