Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Dip

I weighed N several days ago. He had lost 2 lbs and was 98.5 lbs. I guess he isn't ready for control over any of his eating yet.

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Erica said...

uggh. Sorry to hear about N's weight loss. We aren't having a much better time of it here...basically my d isn't speaking to me today because I tried to make her a three egg omelet instead of the two egg one she wanted...I am so tired of the battles. She hasn't gained anything in almost a month. The nutritionist has stopped calling and my h says I need to stop pressuring d to eat more. Yeah, right.

My d saw Wall-e last week. I wish I had read your post before she went. She didn't mention anything to me about the obesity issues nor did her dad...I hate ed. Can't even go to a family movie without having to prescreen it first.