Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day

We went out of town for Independence Day. It was a fun weekend with my whole extended family. My parents have a fantastic blow-up water-slide and oodles of water-guns. So, my boys had a ball playing and having water-fights with their uncles. N was particularly self conscious because he was in a swimming suit. He has been particularly self deprecating about the photos his uncle took. Sometimes photographs are as bad as a mirror.

I made the mistake of not sending a "reminder" email to the relatives like I did at Christmas (or with the other side of the family a month ago). There were a couple of comments made that were real doozies. There was also an assumption made in one case, that because N's weight was back up, that he must be better. I did my best to explain the realities of the ongoing mental battle that N fights everyday. It's frustrating at times to have to continually debunk all the common misconceptions about anorexia.

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