Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We're just waiting now for N's official class schedule. Then, I'll have to go to the school and make all of the class switches myself and hope that the administrators okay our requests. He'll have 9 classes (5 one day, 4 the next). Hopefully we can even out that class load.

N ended up liking his new jeans. So, I've already purchased two more pairs. Too bad he'll just beat them up at scout camp next week - but he's growing so fast and doesn't fit into anything else. He needs some new school shirts. I've only got eight days (when he's around) to fit some shopping in.

Scout camp is just days away. We've approved the menu and only see one potential problem. We're also sending enough candy bars for all of the boys to have one each day. That will take care of a snack for N. He'll have money to get the other snack that is not already provided. His leaders are preparing a spreadsheet in order to track N's eating. I've still got to prepare an "anorexia basics" sheet for them to have as a reference.

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