Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We returned home on Saturday and I could tell that N's struggles continued. T brought N home mid-way through church on Sunday so he could eat. All of a sudden, N is very concerned about the other kids seeing him eat during church. In the past, I've taken a snack for him to eat during our Sacrament service. He specifically requested, though, that we find a different way. We've tried increasing what he eats right before church, but that has only worked somewhat. Sunday, he left early to collect cash donations (fast offerings) to help the poor. He was going to leave without even eating breakfast. I refused to let him go until he had eaten breakfast, which was a bit of a battle because it made him late (I'm actually happy that he cared about being late). He didn't have a chance to make it home before our services started - and he just met us there. I'm not sure what the solution is to this problem. But we'll probably have to continue bringing him home part way until we find a better solution.

On a different note, N has been asked to speak next Sunday in church. His topic: "The Body is Sacred." I'm not sure what to do with that. T and I discussed it last night and decided to have N go ahead and speak. We're going to have to be highly involved in the preparation of his talk. I don't think those who asked him to speak are aware of the anorexia. I think they would be horrified if they knew how difficult this could be. If at any point we feel that it is becoming a problem, I think we'll immediately ask to change his topic.

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