Tuesday, February 12, 2008

100th Post

N has done better since Saturday. It was good to have T return from his academic conference. He was back Sunday night. Starting Sunday evening, I could tell that Monday was going to be a battle (Mondays usually are). N asked for a dirty sweatshirt to be washed late Sunday evening. I agreed to do it on Monday morning (which he misheard -- but thankfully T witnessed). So, the fit about the sweatshirt started first thing Monday morning. We had braced for it and T jumped right in and became N's personal cheerleader all morning. T stayed home Monday morning until N made it to school, which was late but not too late. N is eating again, but I can see that the battle with the resurgging anorexia is still happening silently. He is upset at his high calories (which he shouldn't be counting) each day. He just informed me that today was a terrible day, just like yesterday because he had 2400 calories.

I didn't weigh N on Sunday, but I hope he is making some weight progress.

This is the 100th post I've written. It's hard to recall life before anorexia, I must confess. I read about this research study on "semistarvation neurosis" a few days ago: http://junkfoodscience.blogspot.com/2008/02/how-weve-came-to-believe-that.html. N's doctor referred to this study and we've heard others mention it as well. The symptoms of starvation are consistent with what we've seen in N. What is particularly interesting to me right now, is the fact that it took between 5 and 9 months after weight restoration for these men to behave normally. I suspect, even with N's weight gain, that we've still got a long road ahead of us. My biggest wish right now would be for things to be "back-to-normal" by fall and the start of junior-high.

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