Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've continued to keep N's calories up the past few days. And though there have been periods of resistance, he seems to be getting used to the idea of more. I'm also doing better at using the "magic plate" idea. I've let N negotiate far too much. He starts to think he is entitled to have a choice. But as I have removed the choices (and after a little resistance), it seems that meals are involving far less drama these last few days.

On Sunday, I forgot his church snack. So, I had to take N home between meetings to get one. That was a mistake! He refused to come back. After 10 minutes of struggling, I got him to get back in the car (after I let him know that I was going to leave without him). He came, but wouldn't get out of the car. I pulled T out of the nursery to see if he would convince N to come in. But N wouldn't come in. Finally, we just left him alone and went to our classes. Apparently, N came in after 7 or 8 minutes. He is such a good kid and is generally obedient and tries to do what is right. Sometimes the anorexia gets in the way. I'm proud of him for ultimately making the right choice. I think that part of this is N becoming a teenager and wanting to be independent. This is probably a good example of teaching him what is right, reminding him that we expect him to choose the right, but letting him decide for himself.

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