Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tag-Team Parenting

T woke N up at 6:45 am this morning. By 7:05, he still wasn't out of bed, so I went and kissed him and gave him a reminder to get up. He was already in a terrible mood. He growled, "get out of my room!" After a reminder about talking to each other respectfully, he growled (with a little less of an edge), "PLEASE! get out of my room." There's no need to say it, but obviously we had a long morning. He couldn't pick a shirt. He didn't want his shake. He was so grumpy.

He missed two snacks yesterday and didn't pick out his clothes last night. Those things probably contributed to a lousy morning.

T stayed here to help again. I appreciate all of the things he does to help, but morning is definitely where T makes a huge difference. T is able to attend to N without being distracted by the other boys' needs. So, I take care of I and J while T cheerleads N out the door. N was only a little late, but T had to really focus on N to help him get to school.

We have an appointment with the therapist tonight. Typically, T and I alternate going with N. Because T works during the day, he isn't often here for some of the worst of the anorexia. So, I'll go tonight. Hopefully, I'll be able to update Dr. R as to N's lack of progress recently (which I attribute to his stalled weight-gain). We haven't been to the therapist for more than a month now. That's my fault. I should have called earlier for another appointment (usually we make our return appointment in Dr. R's office, but didn't this time). I think it's good, still, for T to go half of the time. We have a tag-team parenting system for dealing with N that seems to be working well. Sometimes T is able to help N in ways that I can't. Sometimes I say the absolute wrong thing in the wrong moment. T is better at gaging N and his moods. In some ways I think that T is the most influential parent right now.

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