Friday, February 15, 2008


I don't know if this is a kick-back from Valentine's Day (and the school parties, treats and our family party), but N is still here this morning. He was cranky first thing this morning. T knew it was going to be a tough morning and did everything he could to get N moving before he had to go.

N has spent the past two hours in a terrible mood. He has pretty much lain on the floor all morning. He alternates between being angry and crying and berating himself. He just finished crying while curled up in a ball. With him, it is so cyclical. He spends a while falling deeper into despair. Usually that's when I see so much anger and pushing back. Then he moves into sadness and cries. The next stage is guilt. Then he finally decides to be more proactive and tries a little harder. N has moved into that last stage now, I think. He is in the kitchen making croissants. I think he almost confessed to having not eaten enough a few minutes ago. I appreciate that he hates how he feels and is willing to eat to try and fix it.

The party went well on Wednesday. We were in white-out conditions when I dropped him off. He had a really good time, I think, and thankfully the weather had cleared when it was time to get him.

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