Monday, February 4, 2008

The Last Hurdle?

I posted this on the parent's forum this morning:

Things have improved so much over the past few months. My son's weight is up to 87.5 lbs (59 1/4 inches tall). He is eating and generally responds to our expectations with occasional resistance. There are a handful of OCD or anxiety behaviors that still linger. He is also still affected by stress.

The biggest problem right now is our mornings. He can get hung-up for up to 4 hours just choosing clothes. They are too little or too big. Some days, he thinks the clothes smell bad. Usually the problem is with shirts. Today it is with his pants (which have never been an issue before). Everything makes him feel self-conscious. He gets angry and despondent. I've learned to steer clear and he'll often work through it on his own, but it takes hours. It's like the anorexia is holding him hostage. He has made so much improvement in every other area, but the mornings actually seem to be getting worse. He responded once to a suggestion of buying new clothes. So we got several new shirts. That helped for a week or two, but now those shirts have been thrown to the back of his closet.

He has been doing better at school. He's made several friends. He seems to enjoy school and comes home happy usually. He is getting more work done (though we are not stressing about his grades or performance in any way). I think school is the most concentrated "fear" that he has -- the biggest reason to feel self-conscious. He's worried about what all of his peers think of him. So worried, that it paralyzes him every morning.

This is the last big issue that plagues him from having mostly normal days.

What can I do? How can I help him work through this?

Added note: I think it is interesting that N doesn't seem to have as many problems when T is here in the mornings. That isn't always possible, so I still need to find a solution. T is already trying to be here in the mornings as much as is possible. There is also a pattern of having this problem each Monday morning.

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