Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Parent Suggestions

I got several suggestions from the parent-support forum on how to help N with his mornings.
  • Make sure his evening snack is higher in fats/protein.
  • Have him choose his outfit the night before, but not right before bed (maybe during some free time).
  • Choose his outfit for him, if he can't by a certain time.
  • Make sure that his breakfast is high in protein/fats.
  • Seperate eating breakfast from dressing as much as is possible.

We tried making some of these changes. N picked his shirt last night without any problems (he had "discovered" one of J's sweatshirts earlier in the day and was excited to wear it). He got to school on time. T was here, however. So, the true test will be on a Monday when T isn't here.

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Lucy said...

I'm not sure if this would work for you or help your son, but I find that deciding what I am going to wear a week in advance can help. I know that some days I will feel uncomfortable no matter what I wear, so on a good day, I plan it out for the week ahead and force myself to stick to it. This stops some of the anxiety of choosing everyday, which can be a nightmare.