Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today is like a Monday. N headed back to school this morning after an extra long weekend. Monday mornings seems to be perennially bad for N. I've been extra diligent with N's calories all weekend, hoping to prevent a bad return (and having extra resolve to not let his weight fall again). I also made sure he chose his clothes last night (and I washed them all). T stayed home this morning to help N get out the door. And it all worked. N had a good morning. He was only a few minutes late.

I noticed that both yesterday and Sunday, N was doing the token resistance to eating. He complains and tries to negotiate, but he was doing it half-heartedly. I hope that means that our united front is helping N to understand that we won't ever give in.

With the exception of that half-hearted resistance to food, we had a pretty normal weekend. He was predictably late to bed, but we didn't have any big emotional anorexic moments. I even found myself laying in bed this morning thinking about why N won't do his homework. It took a moment before I remembered, "Oh, yeah." It's so strange to me how the anorexia ebbs and flows. Just Friday, N was paralyzed by the anorexia. It's probably more insidious than I think and just waits below the surface waiting for the first opportunity.

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