Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Boy, I have such mixed feelings about this. I just got off the phone with N's 7th grade counselor. She wanted me to confirm that changing from Pre-Algebra to Algebra was okay with me. I wasn't sure if N would actually go through with the class changes, but obviously he did. T and I talked about it and agreed that we thought he could do it. But it was clear from talking to the counselor, that it would require moving other classes around again. She was going to pull N out of his class and work it out with him. I'm so nervous about it -- for him. It's already been so challenging for him to have such a big schedule with lots of changes from day to day. I can't imagine him having to change schedules, classes and teachers again, all so he can have Algebra. Will it raise his stress levels? I'm pretty sure it will for next few days. This is probably one of the hard parts of being a parent -- letting go and trusting N to work it out. I'll be on pins and needles until he gets home in an hour or so.

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