Friday, August 1, 2008

Bad Day

It's a bad day today. N has been crying on and off now for about two hours. He blames the anorexia//can't choose clothes//can't get going. I finally got him to confess that he has a headache. I've given him something for his headache and sent him to bed. I haven't seen this kind of behavior from him for months. Is this a relapse? Or is he just temporarily sick -- which is strongly affecting his emotions?

Wednesday night, N met with his therapist. They talked at length about negotiating land mines that will sabotage his progress. The general feeling was at this point he is solidly in recovery. That was my feeling, too. Though there have been blips, they've been small and quickly taken care of. So strange to have been there on Wednesday only to feel like we've gone back in time (about 4 months worth) just two days later.

Starting school and scout camp are the next two weeks. Perhaps it is the stress of it all.

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