Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm happy to report that I have nothing to report. N is doing so well. Even with the stresses of starting junior high, he has responded well. I only see glimpses of the anorexia now, here and there, but infrequently. Sometimes I'm really not sure if it is the anorexia that I'm seeing at all -- maybe it's just typical 12 year-old crazy behavior.

He has almost complete control, now, over his eating choices. I still check up on him and watch his food portions. He is dishing up his own plates at every meal, except breakfast (which I think he would skip if I let him). I'll continue to regularly check his weight.

I'm not sure about the OCD behaviors. I need to figure out if he is just masking them. Sometimes he still does things that could be OCD, but they aren't pervasive behaviors. I'm so pleased at how far he has come in just one year. Amazing!

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Erica said...

I am so happy for you, your son, and your family! I wish we could say we were at the same place, but we aren't.

Keep going!