Monday, August 4, 2008

Scout Camp

N left this morning. He'll be gone for 6 days. He cried last night (was tired, nervous, scared to leave home). But this morning, he was excited.

I've talked with all of the scout leaders about N's illness. His Scout Master has a sheet outlining possible snags, as well as suggestions. I also made a chart listing three meals and three snacks for each day. The idea is that someone will mark each meal/snack that they watched N eat. Hopefully the chart will ensure that someone notices if N stops eating or isn't eating enough. There will be several leadership changes throughout the week and I was concerned that his eating could fall through the cracks. We donated two large boxes of candy bars for all of the boys (and to make sure that N gets one every day). He has a snack built into his evenings already. And he has money and instructions to buy a snack from the trading post every day.

He's been doing well lately and I don't anticipate that there will be any problems. However, that little blip last Friday made me extra concerned. I'll be praying for him. Now, I'll hold my breath and hope that all goes well.

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