Saturday, August 9, 2008

He's Home!

N got home about an hour ago. He is stinky, dirty and happy to be here. It sounds like he really had a good time -- and earned 8 merit badges. They did get rained out of their "Wilderness Survival" (build your own shelter and sleep overnight) night. I was afraid of that. He was upbeat about the whole experience, though.

He did mention that three of the boys were mean and crude, which isn't N's style. Eventually these same three boys kicked N out of their tent, which made me so sad. 12 years old is a terrible age that way. But N said he was actually happy to be moved. He was tired of their language and antics. He is better friends with the other boys, anyway.

He enjoyed the waterfront and the classes. It sounds like things went relatively well with his eating. He said that the anorexia was strong sometimes, especially when the boys were being mean or he was feeling anxious/missing home. It sounds like he had most of his snacks. There were some "skipped" or late meals along the way. That's not ideal, but he doesn't seem to have lost much weight. I'll have to weigh him tomorrow.

Mostly I'm glad to have him home. I love him and missed him a lot!


Erica said...

Hooray! I am so glad your s went and had a good time! You both should be really proud of this accomplishment!

Wendy said...

Thanks Erica. Mostly I'm relieved.