Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Change Of Pace

Two steps forward and one step back.

N's aunt M & uncle J came to visit over the weekend. Though, N did seem to struggle at moments, he didn't let it consume him. He resolved things rather quickly and did well. Once they left, N did allow his emotions to show more but overall seemed to do better.

Tuesday morning, T & N went to a local school district camp for the night. T said it was a good experience and that N did well overall. T did say the N has no friends -- not even a group to hang out with.

Yesterday night and this morning have been back to the same old issues all over again. I'm concerned because I feel like N is hijacking our family. He is becoming more willful and regularly refuses to eat, to do chores, to do homework -- whatever. We've given him some allowances, but I feel like N is exploiting that space. I'm tired of tiptoeing around him -- and I feel like he needs to follow our family rules. I know that I can't make him do anything -- but I think there need to be consequences when he is disrespectful and disobedient. Even consequenses are hard. In the past, we would not allow him to have friends, or take away media time. Now, we desperately need him to have friends. Even now, he comes home and won't play because he just doesn't get to his homework. If I push his "homework time" to the end of the day, then it will create even more problems with bedtime. And his bedtime is something we are still working on.

Today I feel tired. I'm tired of the constant emotional drama. This disease is taking a toll on me and our whole family.

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