Saturday, November 24, 2007


I am so thankful that N has made so much progress. We'll weigh him tomorrow, so I don't know exactly where he is. But he's had a great week.

He met with Dr. R. on Wednesday. The doctor was so pleased with N's progress that we've shifted our appointments to every other week. Dr. R. said to continue with all that we're doing.

The anorexia isn't gone. N will argue and resist when his meal has a lot of calories. But there hasn't been any yelling or crying these past few days. He'll protest and then quickly relent. I'm sure that no school and no scouts have helped keep his stress down. Also, his dad has been able to take these days off. There has been a lot of support and love. Hopefully, this trajectory will carry into next week as the pressures start up again.

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